Anti-Aging Secrets From All Over The World

There are anti-aging secrets from all over the world. For thousands of years women and men alike have been looking into mirrors and seeing the distressing signs of aging. Whether you’ve got the beginnings of crow’s feet, cracks creeping north from your upper lip, or sagging in your jowls remember you’re not alone. Prior to our modern age, people made products at home to fight this progression. We made ointments and salves out of what was available in our neighborhood, so the Indians use ginger, the Chinese use tea, the Native Americans used aloe and on it goes.

We’ve all heard about the benefits of drinking green tea. Well, it turns out there’s some value in putting it on your skin as a face mask too. The ancient women of china used a green tea powder mixed into brewed white tea to make a face mask. Teas are rich in anti-oxidants and increase cell regeneration.

Native Americans found inside each aloe leaf, a clear, thin jelly, with ancient healing properties. Aloe dilates capillaries and increases blood flow, which leads to healing. Under the skin of the prickly pear cactus is another clear, thin jelly. This jelly has anti-inflammatory properties, is a great moisturizer and boosts cellular turnover.

In Mexico, people make a lemon juice sugar scrub. A large part of the best skin care products is exfoliating and a gentle exfoliation can leave your skin soft, moisturized and glowing. Don’t forget to use this same product on your hands.

A more obscure tip that I’ve begun to see recently is potatoes. They are recommended for removing blemish marks, stretch marks and dark pigments on facial skin. All it takes is rubbing raw potato slices on the darker skin.

The women of the Indian subcontinent mix shredded ginger with honey. Honey reduces inflammation through its natural antibacterial properties and ginger protects against collagen breakdown as it’s loaded with an antioxidant called gingerol.

The most important thing to remember with any skin care regimen is to keep it simple. We’re all busy people and it’s essential to stay realistic. Don’t commit to a huge beauty system with endless steps that requires a time commitment you simply don’t have. Everything you want for your skin can be achieved through simple cleansing and moisturizing using any of the inexpensive or free goodies Mother Nature has provided us through her bounty.